Three that continue to please

Some albums are enjoyable right out of the box and then fade away. Some never quite measure up and then there are some that are disappointing but become more enjoyable with repeated listening. Then there are those that hit the bullseye immediately and continue to please. The three albums mentioned here are of the latter variety and should provide repeated listening pleasure.

Of the three Madeleine Peyroux's debut "Careless Love" is the oldest. Peyroux has a smoky jazz style delivery that just rolls out very easily. It is reminiscent of the past but there's also a taste of the contemporary (tracks by Dylan and Leonard Cohen). The subtle organ that weaves in and out of the background of these tracks is the perfect compliment to her singing. She's subtle yet evocative and will provide plent of auditory satisfaction.

Shelby Lynne's latest, "Suit Yourself" is intelligent, straightforward and continues her growth as an artist since 2000's "I Am Shelby Lynne" established her identity outside of the relentless Nashville machine. She spans genres here and the fact that this was recorded in her home under her direction allows, for maybe the first time, a glimpse into what her vision is...personal and soulful. Check out her reverent reading of Tony Joe White's "Rainy Night In Georgia" the only cover on an immensley enjoyable work.

Jim White's "Drill A Hole In The Substrate And Tell Me What You See" is an eerie, haunting journey with White almost whispering his stories from life's other side. It's like finding a static-filled spooky, esoteric radio station at the edge of the dial, late at night, that you just can't tune out. It's voice's from deep inside our subconscious oozing out of their usual confinement and mesmerizing us with their tales. It'll keep you going back through that hole in the substrate.


Bring Me the head Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Thieves snatched the head of a life-size Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wax figure from a Salzburg museum, police said Saturday. The figure of the composer was on display at "Next to Mozart," a multimedia museum that opened last year. The wax head has an estimated value of $18,427, but museum employees told Austria Press Agency the work was truly unique — and appealed for its return.

"It must have happened between 8 p.m. Friday, when we closed, and today before 9 a.m.," museum employee Elisabeth Stoeckl told APA. "When we opened up again, Mozart's head was gone." The Mozart figure was on the museum's fourth floor. "It stands just next to the wax figure of Herbert von Karajan," Stoeckl said, referring to one of the great conductors of the 20th century.


Weekend Music

Club Fred

26th Friday Mike Smith Plays Happy Hour 5:30 - 7:30
CVBS present De Ja Blues $10 Blues
27th Saturday M.P.Q.D. and guest $6 Punk
28th Sunday "Rare Form" Sunday Dance,Videos/Dancers 2-4-1 drinks 5-7 event starts at 4pm


Friday. Aug. 26
The Veronicas,Atari Champ and guests, $6.00 All-Ages
Saturday. Aug. 27
Lets Go Bowling! returns to the Starline

Full Circle Brewery
26th 27th 28th


Elvis Costello

Today marks the birthday of Elvis Costello (Declan McManus), son of British bandleader Ross McManus who has been regaling the music world with his sometimes brilliant twists and turns since 1977. His adopted name was taken from Elvis Presley and his mother's maiden name. He began his career relegated as a part of the punk movement with which he did share an unbridled enthusiasm and at times acerbic bite to his lyrics. He distinguished himself, however, by his comfort with different styles and a penchant for writing literate lyrics that were a cut above his contemporaries. The Costello catalog is richly varied and always rewarding. He has been a stylistic chameleon who has dipped into diverse genres as disparate as country and classical, has collaborated with Burt Bacharach, Ann Sofie Von Otter and the Brodsky Quartet, and recently worked with his wife, Diana Krall, on her first collection of original material. His diversity and innovation set him apart and his lyrical prowess has made him one of a handful of truly influential songwriters in the rock and pop field. A good web site for more information is www.elviscostello.info


Stevie Ray Vaughan

It was 15 years ago in 1990 that the very talented guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed in a helicopter crash in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin when the chopper he was a passenger in hit a man-made ski slope while trying to navigate through dense fog. Three members of Eric Clapton's entourage were also killed in the accident. The music world lost a true original and one of the great ones.


Food Not Bombs Benefit with Trike Shop

I hope you’re all marking your calendars for the cool benefit for Food Not Bombs with Blake Jones & the Trike Shop on the last Sunday of this month (August 28th). It should be quite a party. Here's the juicy details:

Food Not Bombs Benefit Concert and Eats
where: Full Circle Brewery
address: 620 F. Street
when: 5pm--9pm
cost: $5 (cheap)
details: Hear great local music and get a yummy vegetarian
dinner AND have it all support the good work of local
activist group Food Not Bombs!
Artists, musicians, activists, and people from all corners of the
community are encouraged to attend, enjoy and co-mingle.
Music with the impossible to spell (or categorize) improvisational
music of SquigglebyMcFritts begins at 6pm,
and the mad pop inventions of Blake Jones & the Trike Shop begin at 7.

The Day The Music Died......

Turkmenistan President Saparmurat Niyazov has deemed recorded music a negative influence on society and banned it from public events, TV and weddings. Niyazov has already banned opera and ballet from the former Soviet state, saying they were unnecessary, the BBC reported. "Unfortunately, one can see on television old voiceless singers lip-synching their old songs, Niyazov told his cabinet regarding music on TV. "Don't kill talents by using lip-synching ... create our new culture." In 2001, Niyazov, the country's president for life, banned gold tooth caps, long hair and beards on young men. He has also banned car radios, closed all hospitals except those in the capital and renamed calendar months after his relatives, the BBC said.

The Loco-Motion

Let's set the way back machine for 1962 where the No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit was ``The Loco-Motion,'' by Little Eva. In those much more simpler times Little Eva Narcissus Boyd was a baby-sitter for songwriters Gerry Goffin and Carole King who were inspired to write a song about a dance she would do around the house. They asked her to record the song as a demo and the rest is what they call history. It was also a song that inspired two successful cover versions as Grand Funk hit No. 1 with a 1974 remake and Kylie Minogue reached No. 3 with a 1988 remake. Little Eva's follow-up, "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" was a staple of early Beatles' live shows. Little Eva passed away in 2003.


John Lee Hooker

Monday and a new week with school back in session and all that goes with that. John Lee Hooker was born on this date in 1917. The blues legend had a profound impact on Many 60's and 70's blues oriented rock groups, most notably The Stones, Yardbirds and Canned Heat. John Lee passed away in 2001 leaving a rich legacy in the blues and rock. He was probably best known for "Boom, Boom." The Shangri-la's recording of "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" debuted on the charts on this day in 1964. It's one of those haunting songs of summer that has withstood the test of time. It still sounds great today and of course also was honored with a cover version by Aerosmith. Finally, it was on this day in 1968 that Cynthia Lennon filed for divorce from John. The reason was his relationship with Yoko (the third leg of that infamous triangle). More later.


The Return

As anyone can see the "Through The Listening Glass" Blog has been down for a while. A combination of lethargy, family tragedies and probably profound ennui. The show continues however on KFSR-FM 90.7 in Fresno every Wednesday night from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. (PDT). It's available on the net by going to kfsr.org and clicking on one of the streaming options. There's plenty of great programming at KFSR not just Listening Glass. Please check it out frequently. This blog will soon be back to passing along musical information of interest to discriminating Looking Glass listeners. Again sorry for the delay and things are mostly back to normal. Peace!