Three that continue to please

Some albums are enjoyable right out of the box and then fade away. Some never quite measure up and then there are some that are disappointing but become more enjoyable with repeated listening. Then there are those that hit the bullseye immediately and continue to please. The three albums mentioned here are of the latter variety and should provide repeated listening pleasure.

Of the three Madeleine Peyroux's debut "Careless Love" is the oldest. Peyroux has a smoky jazz style delivery that just rolls out very easily. It is reminiscent of the past but there's also a taste of the contemporary (tracks by Dylan and Leonard Cohen). The subtle organ that weaves in and out of the background of these tracks is the perfect compliment to her singing. She's subtle yet evocative and will provide plent of auditory satisfaction.

Shelby Lynne's latest, "Suit Yourself" is intelligent, straightforward and continues her growth as an artist since 2000's "I Am Shelby Lynne" established her identity outside of the relentless Nashville machine. She spans genres here and the fact that this was recorded in her home under her direction allows, for maybe the first time, a glimpse into what her vision is...personal and soulful. Check out her reverent reading of Tony Joe White's "Rainy Night In Georgia" the only cover on an immensley enjoyable work.

Jim White's "Drill A Hole In The Substrate And Tell Me What You See" is an eerie, haunting journey with White almost whispering his stories from life's other side. It's like finding a static-filled spooky, esoteric radio station at the edge of the dial, late at night, that you just can't tune out. It's voice's from deep inside our subconscious oozing out of their usual confinement and mesmerizing us with their tales. It'll keep you going back through that hole in the substrate.


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